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Manna Christian Fellowship Developing and Engaging a Gospel Worldview
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Campus Director: Joel S. Ristuccia


Joel S. Ristuccia is the Campus Director of Manna Christian Fellowship.  Prior to joining Manna's staff in 2011, he ministered on staff at the Moody Church in Chicago, IL in young adult ministry, small group ministry, and men's ministry. He received his B.A. in economics from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a focus on pastoral leadership and teaching. Before being called to ministry, Joel spent three years as a management consultant for hospitals and health systems. Joel married his wife, Janet, on 07-07-07, and they welcomed their daughter, Eden Lilly, on 10-10-10. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, sports, reading, eating (especially when Janet is cooking), and spending time with his family. If you'd like a chat with Joel, sign up for an appointment here. You can also email him directly at jristucc@. Joel's open office hours will be on Wednesdays, 3-5pm, near Cafe Viv at Frist Campus Center.

Staff Intern: Elisha Park ’13


Elisha graduated from Princeton in 2013 with a degree in Politics and a certificate in East Asian Studies, and now serves as one of Manna's two full-time ministry fellows. Throughout her four years in Manna, Elisha gained a deeper appreciation for the role of community in spiritual growth and hopes to help others engage with culture and community in a more meaningful way. Heavily involved with BAC:Dance as a student, Elisha still enjoys dancing in her free time, but can also be found reading, listening to/playing music, or reminiscing about her undergraduate days (when wearing sweats everywhere was still socially acceptable). If you'd like to chat with her, feel free to reach her at elishaspark[at]gmail[dot]com.


Staff Intern: Chris Teng ’13


Chris is one of Manna’s two full-time ministry fellows. He graduated from Princeton in 2013, having concentrated in Molecular Biology and completed certificates in Global Health & Health Policy and Neuroscience. Chris plans to matriculate in medical school next fall, and his desire to serve God and others through science and medicine was nurtured during his four years in Manna. He also discovered dance and wonders often how choreography can be used for God’s glory. He has a heart for personal counseling, men’s ministry, and working/resting faithfully. In his free time, Chris can be found cooking, eating, dancing, and sometimes, all three at once. If you want to chat with him, feel free to email him at cteng1191[at]gmail[dot]com.


Part-time Staff Intern: Jeremy Chen ’11


Jeremy Chen graduated from Princeton University in 2011 with a B.S.E in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a certificate in Architecture and Engineering. While being involved in Manna's loving community, Jeremy grew a desire to communicate the hope of Christ to others and is now attending Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia to more deeply develop a Gospel Worldview for engaging in vocational ministry. He enjoys trying to stay fit and playing sports (soccer, basketball), reading theology, learning about urban contexts, and imagining new ways to bring reconciliation and renewal to a broken and divided world. In his spare time, he contributes to Shared Justice journal. Icebreaker fun fact: "My twin and I were born on different days." If you want to get coffee or catch a meal with him, feel free to email him at jeremytchen[at]gmail[dot]com.


Seminary Intern: Kristin Franke

Bio coming soon!


Founding Director Emeritus: Rev. David H. Kim

Rev. David H. Kim is the founding director of Manna and has served at Princeton University for the past 17 years. During his time at Princeton, David developed this ministry to focus on how the gospel renews both private and public worlds. He is also currently on staff with Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan serving as the director of the Gotham Fellowship a nine-month Fellows program for professionals. David has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Westminster Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and is currently working towards a D.Min at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister of the PCA. He is married to Jane who he met during his time at Princeton.

Executive Team:
President | Ryan Tanny Kang '14 [tkang@]
Vice-President | Jennifer Shim '14 [jyshim@]
Administrator | Joe Yan '14 [chengmuy@]
Webmaster & Communications Chair |  Eugene Tang ‘16 [eugenet@]
Technology Chair | Daniel Chyan '14 [dchyan@]

Rachel Reiss '15 - Coordinator [rreiss@]
Clement Li ‘16 [clementl@]
Nahrie Chung ‘16 [nechung@]

Sean Webb '15 - Coordinator [srwebb@]
Victoria Chung ‘14 [vchung@]
Tiffany Huang ‘15 [tshuang@]
Sohee Hyung ‘16 [shyung@]

Sunny Kang ‘15 - Coordinator [sok@]
Jamal Johnson ‘16 [jamalj@]
Sunyoung Wang ‘16 [swang23@]

Tarin Chon ‘14 - Coordinator [tchon@]
Ante Qu ‘15 [aqu@]
Karis Yi ‘16 [kyi@]

Revisions: A Journal of Christian Perspective:
Sang Lee ‘16 [sanghl@]
Ming-Yee Tsang ‘15 [mtsang@]
Jessica Zou ‘16 [jyzou@]

Praise Team:
Ben Tien '15 - Coordinator [btien@]
Jimin Hong '15 [jiminh@]
Lydia Lim ‘15 [llim@]
Sam Kim ‘15 [shk@]
Victor Luu ‘15 [vluu@]
Heemin Seog ‘16 [hseog@]

Media Team:
Evan Chow ‘16 - Coordinator [echow@]
Hetty Lee '16 [yhlee@]
Sean Oh ‘16 [seanoh@]

2017 Small Group:
Hyunjean Kim ‘14 [hckim@]
Isabelle Song ‘14 [jeongyoo@]
Shawn Du ‘14 [sdu@]
Vincent Bai ‘14 [vbai@]
Yooni Ahn ‘14 [sohahn@]
Calvin Gross ‘15 [cgross@]
Emily Pritt ‘15 [epritt@]

2016 Small Group:
Andrew Min ‘15 [ahmin@]
Eliott Joo ‘15 [ejoo@]
Shimin Ooi ‘15 [sooi@]
Victoria Su ‘15 [vysu@]
George Jian ‘16 [xjian@]
Rebecca Tang ‘16 [rttwo@]

2015 Small Group:
Jocelyn Tang ‘14 [jmtang@]
Sola Lee ‘14 [sll@]
Daniel Badoe ‘15 [dbadoe@]
David Kong ‘15 [dkong@]
Eunhae Park ‘15 [eunhaep@]
Jojo Cheng ‘15 [jaycheng@]

2014 Small Group:
Diane Jeon ‘14 [djeon@]
Jay Kang ‘14 [jooeunk@]
Richard Lee ‘14 [rcltwo@]
Richard Zhang ‘14 [qiuyiz@]

Open Small Group:
Gita Gnanadesikan ‘14 [ggnanade@]
Christina Funk ‘15 [cfunk@]
Joseph Sung ‘15 [nsung@]
Kar Min Lim ‘16 [kmlim@]