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Manna Christian Fellowship Developing and Engaging a Gospel Worldview
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Campus Director: Joel S. Ristuccia


Joel S. Ristuccia is the Campus Director of Manna Christian Fellowship.  Prior to joining Manna's staff in 2011, he ministered on staff at the Moody Church in Chicago, IL in young adult ministry, small group ministry, and men's ministry. He received his B.A. in economics from Washington University in St. Louis and an M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a focus on pastoral leadership and teaching. Before being called to ministry, Joel spent three years as a management consultant for hospitals and health systems. Joel married his wife, Janet, on 07-07-07, and they welcomed their daughter, Eden Lilly, on 10-10-10. In his spare time he enjoys swimming, sports, reading, eating (especially when Janet is cooking), and spending time with his family. If you'd like a chat with Joel, sign up for an appointment here. You can also email him directly at jristucc@. Joel's open office hours will be on Wednesdays, 3–5 p.m., near Cafe Viv at Frist Campus Center.

Senior ministry fellow: Elizabeth LeLievre


Elizabeth (Lizzie) is from Massachusetts and also lived in Texas for many years. She received a B.A. in Sociology from Angelo State University and then made her way back to the Bay state where she eventually received an M.A. in Religion from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. While in seminary, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. Over the years, Lizzie has been involved in ministry globally and locally. She absolutely loves meeting people from around the world and learning about cultures different from her own. She has years of experience with discipling and mentoring young women including about six years of ministry with young adults at her church in Massachusetts. She is looking forward to journeying with students as they grow deeper in relationship with Christ. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, exploring new places and long conversations with friends. To contact Lizzie, send her an email: lelievre[at]princeton[dot]edu or visit during her office hours on Fridays from 10:15 a.m.–12 p.m. in Café Viv.

Ministry fellow: Tanny Kang ’14


Tanny graduated from Princeton in 2014 with a degree in politics, and now serves as one of Manna’s full-time ministry fellows. Tanny is considering applying to law school next fall, and his passion for the work of justice (particularly the Church’s role in it) was greatly fostered through Manna’s teaching and community, his studies in politics, and his internship with International Justice Mission. In addition, Tanny is interested in thinking about leadership and organizational culture and ethics, and has a heart for men’s ministry and racial/ethnic reconciliation. In his free time, Tanny can be found listening to music, humming and whistling, reading, and trying different cuisines. If you would like to chat with him, feel free to email him at ryantannykang[at]gmail[dot]com.

Ministry fellow: Diane Cho ’13


Diane Cho graduated from Princeton in 2013 with an A.B. in English and a certificate in urban studies. After graduating, she spent a year at the affordable housing non-profit Housing Development Fund as a part of the Princeton Alumni Corps Fellowship program. Her primary task was to write a retrospective on the organization’s 25 years of promoting affordable housing in order to improve lives and larger communities in the state of Connecticut. Her interests lie in women’s studies, community development, and literary criticism. She enjoys reading, hiking, and eating. One day, she hopes to retire in Colorado.


Ministry fellow: Florence Hsiao ’13


Florence (Flo) is excited to be back at Princeton to serve as one of Manna’s full-time ministry fellows. She graduated from Princeton in 2013 with a degree in molecular biology and a certificate in global health and health policy, and plans to attend medical school next fall. She loves Jesus and is passionate about the power of the Gospel to change lives and the world, especially in the fields of medicine and health. As a Manna fellow, Flo hopes to help students deepen their relationship with God and broaden their understanding of how the Gospel transforms all spheres of society and culture. In addition to pursuing God, Flo loves playing piano and clarinet, going on road trips, eating at food carts, hiking, and enjoying a nice slice of gourmet cheese. If you would like to chat with her, you can email her at flo.hsiao[at]gmail[dot]com.


Founding Director Emeritus: Rev. David H. Kim

Rev. David H. Kim is the founding director of Manna and has served at Princeton University for the past 17 years. During his time at Princeton, David developed this ministry to focus on how the gospel renews both private and public worlds. He is also currently on staff with Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan serving as the director of the Gotham Fellowship a nine-month Fellows program for professionals. David has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Westminster Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and is currently working towards a D.Min at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister of the PCA. He is married to Jane who he met during his time at Princeton.

Executive Team:
President | Benjamin Tien ’15 [btien@]
Vice-President | Rachel Reiss ’15 [rreiss@]
Administrator | Heemin Soeg ’16 [hseog@]
Webmaster | Ming-Yee Tsang ’15 [mtsang@]

Andrew Kim ’16 – Coordinator [ak11@]
Kelly Lau ’17 [ytlau@]
George Jian ’16 [xjian@]
Jaimie Fan ’17 [jqf@]
Christie Jiang ’17 [sjiang@]
David Kong ’15 [dkong@]
Nahrie Chung ’17 [nechung@]

Sohee Hyung ’16 – Coordinator [shyung@]
Daniel Tzou ’16 [dtzou@]
Tony Jin ’17 [tzjin@]
Christina Rice ’17 [cerice@]

Joane Joseph ’16 – Coordinator [jfjoseph@]
Allen Fang ’17 [ajfang@]
Heidi Yi ’15 [hjyi@]

Ante Qu ’15 – Coordinator [aqu@]
Ruby Shao ’17 [rshao@]
Alex Jow ’17 [ajow@]
Sunny Kang ’15 [sok@]

Revisions: A Journal of Christian Perspective:
Sang Lee ’17 [sanghl@]
Eugene Tang ’16 [eugenet@]

Praise Team:
Victor Luu ’15 – Coordinator [vluu@]
Paul Yi ’17 [yryi@]
Mike Lee ’16 [syl@]
Evan Chow ’16 [echow@] Karis Yi ’16 [kyi@]
Lydia Lim ’15 [llim@]
Tim Lau ’17 [ttlau@]
Karis Yi ’16 [kyi@]

Media Team:
Marisa Chow ’17 – Coordinator [mlchow@]
Lisa Gong ’16 [lgong@]
Lisa Lee ’15 [lilee@]

Freshman (2018) Small Group:
Andrew Min ’15 [ahmin@]
Daniel Badoe ’15 [dbadoe@]
Jojo Cheng ’15 [jaycheng@]
Victoria Su ’15 [vysu@]
Yeri Lee ’15 [yerilee@]

Sophomore (2017) Small Group:
Calvin Gross ’15 [cgross@]
Eric Xu ’17 [ecxu@]
Erin Kim ’15 [erinkim@]
Rebecca Tang ’16 [rttwo@]
Priscilla Yeung ’17 [myyeung@]

Junior (2016) Small Group:
Eliott Joo ’15 [ejoo@]
Clement Li ’16 [clementl@]
Daniel Kim ’16 [dsk@]
Kar Min Lim ’16 [kmlim@]
Tiffany Huang ’15 [tshuang@]
Sunyoung Wang ’16 [swang23@]

Senior (2015) Small Group:
Eunhae Park ’15 [eunhaep@]
Emily Pritt ’15 [epritt@]
Stella Jeon ’15 [yjeon@]
David Li ’15 [heli@]
Sam Kim ’15 [shk@]

Open Small Group:
Jamal Johnson ’16 [jamalj@]
Nathan Wei ’17 [nwei@]
Shimin Ooi ’15 [sooi@]
Jimin Hong ’15 [jiminh@]