Why I Study Theology

Work and Rest
Theology isn't glamorous, so why bother studying it? Because it's indescribably powerful.
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God and Games

Arts and Culture, Fiction
An angel and a demon debate God's treatment of humans: are they just pawns or are they His children?
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Discerning God's Will versus God's Wisdom

Work and Rest
What is the difference between God’s will of direction and God’s wisdom and will of desire?
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Neither Jew nor Greek: A Response to Dr. Vincent Bacote

Politics and Justice
Musings on the importance of race to a Christian identity.
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Can Robots be Saved?

Science and the Academy
To understand the gospel as simply the story of creation-fall-redemption is to limit the power of the gospel. The gospel is primarily about grace - grace that maybe even robots can experience.
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Arts & Culture
The pursuit of Beauty: books, music, art, and culture in general; original fiction and poetry.
Family & Relationships
The pursuit of Love: friends, families, gender issues, and romantic interests.
Health & Welfare
The pursuit of Health: the life of the individual, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, in happiness and in mourning.
Politics & Justice
The pursuit of Justice: the public sphere and the pursuit of holistic justice.
Princeton Life
Campus events and personal reflections on Princeton life.
Religion & the Church
The pursuit of God: theology, Biblical interpretation, and questions of faith.
Science & the Academy
The pursuit of Truth: the hard sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities in the context of higher education.
Work & Rest
The pursuit of Purpose: Vocations, callings, and finding Sabbath rest in the midst of busy lives.

25 March

Why I Study Theology

It’s a question I get a lot. It’s hard to avoid because as soon as I say, “I’m a student,” without exception the next shot fired in the get-​​to-​​know-​​you barrage of questions is, “Well, what do you study?”

When I disclose that I have chosen to study theology at a seminary, the next cluster of questions differs from person to person. The Catholics say, “Oh, so you want to be a priest?”  (This is an especially awkward question on first dates.) The people who know me well enough to have become acquainted with my uncouth personality hesitantly venture, “So you want to be a … minister?” And the tipsy townies I meet in the bar say, “But you don’t believe that stuff, do you?”

23 March

God and Games

I don’t really want to do the usual angel versus demon thing today.”


Nope. Today, let’s try something a little different.”

A chess board materializes, with dozens of little creatures appearing as game pieces on the checkered surface.

The demon grins.

Instead of fighting, why don’t we play a game? We can play, and debate—back and forth, about the truth—and then decide the winner that way.”

05 March

Discerning God's Will versus God's Wisdom

One of my biggest idols is being in control. Growing up, being in control came along with working hard. If I worked hard, I could be in control of my exams, my college applications, my relationships, and more. I would excuse my incessant desire to plan parts of my life down to exactly when I would run which errands and optimizing the best route to get everything done. I would tell myself that this was what it meant to be “working faithfully”. After all, I was working as hard as I could.

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